Win The Lotto Faster... 3 Quick Tips

If you were guaranteed a lottery jackpot after playing the next 99 games how fast would you get down to the nearest lottery retailer and start buying tickets?  Pretty quick right?

The reality of this is not very far-fetched.  It's well-known that you can improve your odds of winning simply by increasing the amount of anything you do.

I used to own a couple of community newspapers many years ago, and I would sell the advertising to retailers for them as well.  One thing I noticed is that for every 10 stores I would visit, I would get at least 4 sales.  So if I needed 8 sales, I only had to visit 20 stores. Insurance salespeople know the same percentage relationship between sales calls and sales. For every 100 sales calls they make, they will get a guaranteed number of clients - and the number very rarely varies.

So the secret for increasing the number of wins you get in any lottery game is to step on the gas - to do more so that your winning odds increases. Here are three ways to do it:

1. Do you only play one game a week?  Try adding another game.  If you play correctly, you'll be doubling your chances.

2. Instead of only buying one or two tickets at a time, buy 50 in the same game.  You have immediately increased your winning chances by a huge margin.

3. Join a syndicate. This automatically increases the number of chances for winning.  Look at the Powerball lottery winners stories on their website.  You'll see that there are a large number of syndicates picking the winning lotto numbers.

Increase your odds of winning by playing more often.  Set your budget and go.


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