Don't Use This Losing Lottery Method

Every frequent lottery player has some sort of way they use to come up with their lucky winning lottery numbers.  From family members birthdays and ages to the license plate numbers they see on their way to the lottery ticket counter to buy their tickets. 

There's another method that some people use - which at first glance looks like it should be successful. It's based on practical and logical methodology, and should be a resounding success. So why doesn't it work? I'll tell you so you can avoid any system which uses this method, and save your hard-earned money.

It operates this way... many official lottery sites for major games have a list of the most drawn numbers. These are numbers which have come up time and time again. So in theory it makes sense to get these most popular numbers and play them every game.

Unfortunately, number patterns  don't work that way. There's always a few rogue numbers that mess the whole system up.

One of the problems is that these popular numbers are drawn from over many hundreds or thousands of games, and represent an averaging. Because these numbers come from different games at different times, the chance of them all coming together in a neat sequence in one game is highly unlikely.

This system fails another way as well. It tries to isolate a small amount of lottery number sequences, and the chance of that happening - along with the random input of frequent numbers - makes the system next to useless.

Proof that this system does not work is seen on any lottery forum on the internet. Nobody has been able to get winning lottery numbers locked in using this method, and this is despite the millions of lottery players around the world working on systems in this manner everyday.

Keep your money in your pocket and don't fall for paying for a system like the one above .

There are far better winning lottery systems out there for far less money.

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