Best Number Combinations for Winning the Lottery

Every true lottery player gets excited when they see the Powerball and Megamillions jackpots get into the Hundreds of Millions.

This excitement also reveals a major problem, and it's a reason why you should take another look at these high paying games.

It's the low chance of winning.  Not just any low chance... often 1 in a 200,000,000 chance of winning the main prize.  Of course, these odds are for playing with only one ticket, they reduce dramatically for every ticket you buy.

But there is an easier way...

Play the game with the lowest combination of balls and numbers. For example, the Illinois Little Lotto plays with a low 5 ball, 39 number game. When you compare that to the major games with 7 balls and up to 60 numbers, you can easily see how the odds are stacked against you in the high roller games.

Because of the high number of balls and numbers in these monster lotteries, the jackpot often takes weeks to win. Of course, it's always rolling over and multiplying, but the high odds always keep it out of reach for the average player.

There is also a problem with the low ball games. They have correspondingly low main prize payouts, and the top prize may only be a few million dollars.

But of course the advantages of these low number games is that your odds are so much better, and the chance of your winning lottery number coming up is going to be much higher.

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