Is the Day of the Week Important to Winning?

You may be surprised to know that what day of the week you play your numbers is very key in maximizing your winnings.  Hogwash you say?  Follow along.

The difference could mean losing as much as three quarters of your prize money.  Here's why.

If you use common number patterns in your selection, and your ticket happens to win a main prize, your problem could be just starting.  If your selection is the same as the numbers chosen by other players, you are required to share the prize with them.    (obvious enough right?)

The answer is to play when the least amount of competitors are playing in your game.  So, to get greater profits you should play the off-peak, least popular days.

Depending on your game, this could be either midweek, or Tuesday or Wednesday instead of the more popular Saturday.

The midweek games are played by fewer players, which means that the odds of sharing a greater part of the prize are dramatically improved for you.

To find out which days are the least popular, simply visit your local lottery store and ask them. Check with a full-time staff member who's likely to observe the store traffic over the week, and casually ask them which is the least popular day.

You'll be surprised what you can find out about the habits of your fellow players if you are friendly and inquiring enough.  Once you find that least popular day, that's the one to play your biggest bankroll.

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