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On to today's topic, and a question for you...

Which is best - winning the lottery, or starting a business?

The answer may surprise you.

I've just read a blog from a successful internet marketer. There were about 85 comments below his post. And guess what? Almost all of them stated they were not making any money from the net.

They said the same thing in many different ways:
- "I would like your income" ...
- "Help me get started" ...
- "I've been following your instructions for 18 months and only earn $20/month."

And so on. But it wasn't the guru's fault that he was successful and they were not.

It's actually VERY hard to make a living from the internet.

Only a handful make it big.

Even with the massive explosion of opportunity on the net, most people will fail to make more than a hobbyist living.

The ones who do are the exceptional 1% of all business people. And that includes affiliates, which I'm coming to in a second.

So what's my answer if you can't make a business go?

Invest. Boring word, I know, but let me make it interesting for you with this word...


Yes, 'invest' in lotto.

So why not invest in shares?

Listen, stocks and shares are also a gamble, and you need to be pretty flushed up to be able to risk the money you need to invest.

Here's the difference: lotto games only require a few dollars each time.

Investing with my Silver Lotto System and associated products is the BEST way to get a return from your money.

The rewards are higher than any other method. And if you're lucky - they could be instant and huge.

All the Best.

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