Amazing letters keep rolling in to my buddy Ken Silver.
Check it out!

"Hi Ken,"You probably get a lot of emails, but I have to let you know about my luck this week and so I hope you will reply. You might know I purchased your silver system a few months back, the one that only cost $39, and it took me a while before I got it working. It was not that hard to fill in, but I'm hopeless with figures Ken and I had to buy your customized numbers to finish it off.""That said, I was ready to play, but my husband said I should test it out first, something about throwing good money after bad. We sat around for a few weeks 'testing' but not paying any money out. Truthfully we didn't do so good. Made $30 the first week and only $10 the next after paying out on paper $50.""It was my 11 yr old son that made me go down to the lotto dispenser and play our tickets for real finally. He needed a new baseball glove cos the old one was frayed, and he said if we could win enough money for it then we didn't have to give him pocket money that week!""Well the Saturday night came round, and we were sitting on the sofa watching tv, not really worried you know, because I had only spent $20 on the tickets. Then something happened that made the hair on my neck stand up. Like when you have a hunch something's going to happen, right? My husband looked up from checking off the tickets halfway through, his eyes popping, and said we were on to something. My son came over and looked over our shoulders from the tv to the tickets and the balls kept rolling down the tube from that washing machine bowl.""It was like all our concentration was focused on willing those balls to come out in the right order. We got more and more excited as they jumped out like clockwork that we didn't care if the neighbors heard us whooping and hollering. Then the last one bounced out, I remember it so clear, and we were shouting and grabbing each other with big smiles on our faces.""After all that excitement we didn't know how much we had won! We waited for the announcement and it came a couple of hours later and it could have been $200 thousand dollars, we weren't sure. My husband stuck the ticket to his chest with masking tape from his workshop and said he wasn't going out anywhere until he could get down to the lottery shop and make sure. We checked again and again, then finally the result came up on the website and it was $200,000 confirmed. It was just a blessing, coming at the right time because I hold down 2 jobs to bring the money in, the bills were mounting up and we don't live expensively but it wasn't working for us.""I'm so glad I followed through with getting your system worked out, it really paid off. We finished our mortgage, bought a new car, and put the money in our bank for a while till we decide what to do with it. Our son got his glove and a good story to tell his team! So thank you, thank you. Your system rocks!!  "Yours", Amy

Truly incredible stuff folks.

If you haven't checked Ken Silvers stuff out yet do it know.

May all your dreams come true.

Winning Lottery System(s)
Here's a letter that was received by my good friend Ken Silver.  Ken is one of the leading if not the leading winning lottery systems inventor in the entire world.

"Dear Ken,"You’ve got thousands of customers I've heard, so you probably don't remember me. I sent you an email with my problems about my lotto finances a couple of months back, and you said that your Silver PRO System would help. Well it did--better than I ever thought. I played the first week and got back $6,370.00. But you won't believe what happened next week - I got $5. I was pretty unimpressed, but suppose the first week made up for my disappointment.OK, so I went back to my favorite lottery store, and Jean behind the counter remembers me because of my winning, and she is always friendly, but I guess she is really curious this time when I told her about your program. She wants to know if I'm planning to get the jackpot. I kid her along, saying yes, it's mine. I truly believe it. I mean, the $6,370.00 was a godsend cause it paid most of our bills, but I wanted to buy my kids a house each and stuff like that, so I needed a lot more (not being greedy Ken you understand, just want to help my family along!)Here's the result- I WON that week! $2,000,000. Two milllion!! I couldn’t believe it, just like in a dream. Then after I told my husband and we had a holiday, I sat down to write you this email because I truly believe that without your system I would still be without a future. Now I can have anything I want, but I especially wanted you to know because your system got me there. You can put this testimony in your pages along with the others.Thank you so much, you have changed my life!!!"

Could you imagine writing a letter like this? What would yours look like? How would it feel having $2 milllion dollars sitting in your bank account while you figured out what to do with it? Most people don’t take long to figure it out what to do. Here's an interesting thing I read yesterday. According to a lotto spokesperson, most people arrive at work on Monday, ready to go. Then by Wednesday they hand in their notice. Every time. The spokesperson says they have seen it often enough to establish a pattern. In on Monday, out on Wednesday. Just two days to think about it and then acting. I don’t blame them. Who wants to be stuck in a job they hate just to keep up appearances? Would you even go into work! I wouldn’t. Think over your life. If you are like most people, you've got a lot of changes to make but you can't because money controls most of them... your job, the house you rent, the 12 year-old car you drive, your friends or family who are struggling. In this modern world we are controlled by the money we have. And there's only one way to increase it when you're too busy making a living: the Silver Lotto System

The Best of Luck...

Winning Lottery System(s)

Just a quick reminder that the special for the Silver Lotto PRO System is almost finished. Get over there quick!

On to today's topic, and a question for you...

Which is best - winning the lottery, or starting a business?

The answer may surprise you.

I've just read a blog from a successful internet marketer. There were about 85 comments below his post. And guess what? Almost all of them stated they were not making any money from the net.

They said the same thing in many different ways:
- "I would like your income" ...
- "Help me get started" ...
- "I've been following your instructions for 18 months and only earn $20/month."

And so on. But it wasn't the guru's fault that he was successful and they were not.

It's actually VERY hard to make a living from the internet.

Only a handful make it big.

Even with the massive explosion of opportunity on the net, most people will fail to make more than a hobbyist living.

The ones who do are the exceptional 1% of all business people. And that includes affiliates, which I'm coming to in a second.

So what's my answer if you can't make a business go?

Invest. Boring word, I know, but let me make it interesting for you with this word...


Yes, 'invest' in lotto.

So why not invest in shares?

Listen, stocks and shares are also a gamble, and you need to be pretty flushed up to be able to risk the money you need to invest.

Here's the difference: lotto games only require a few dollars each time.

Investing with my Silver Lotto System and associated products is the BEST way to get a return from your money.

The rewards are higher than any other method. And if you're lucky - they could be instant and huge.

All the Best.

Winning Lottery System(s)

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